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ADSAC DUI Assessment


You must first get an ADSAC assessment.The ADSAC assessment fee is set at $160/$175.00 (see below) by law and assessment must be completed by an ADSAC assessor certified by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS) specifically for the purpose of reinstatement of driver's license.The results of the ADSAC assessment will automatically result in recommendations for you.These recommendations range from ADSAC classes and Victim’s Impact Counseling to residential treatment, aftercare, and mutual support meetings. There will be a cost associated with fulfilling these recommendations. You must follow and complete all recommendations made by the certified ADSAC assessor and any additional requirements made by Service Oklahoma before driver's license will be reinstated. Upon completion you will be provided a completion certificate to present to Service Oklahoma. You must meet all statutory requirements to be reinstated.


What to expect when you receive an ADSAC (DUI) assessment:

  • To answer questions about your offense(s) honestly.
  • To pay a total of $160.00 for your assessment if your offense was after November 1, 2008; $175.00 if your offense was before November 1, 2008.
  • To be assessed in a professional setting.
  • To receive written information regarding your recommendations.
  • To receive information identifying the professional credentials of your ADSAC assessor.
  • To have a formal, fact-to-face clinical interview with a certified ADSAC assessor.


Only for offenses before July 1, 2003: 

  • Contact the Service Oklahoma to find out if you need to complete an ADSAC assessment. If so, have one performed. Also find out if you need to attend either the 10-hour or 24-hour ADSAC course.
  • Upon finishing your ADSAC assessment you'll receive a red-stamped completion certificate.
  • Once you receive a red stamp, contact Service Oklahoma at 405-425-2059 for your next steps to get your driver's license reinstated.


Only for offenses after July 1, 2003:

  • Upon finishing your ADSAC assessment you'll receive recommendations for services and a list of agencies where you may complete the services.
  • Return to the assessor with proof of completing the services to receive your red-stamped completion certificate.
  • Please contact Service Oklahoma at 405-425-2059 for your next steps once you have obtained your red stamp for driver's license reinstatement.


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