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Griffin Memorial Psychiatry Residency Program

The Griffin Memorial Hospital Psychiatry Residency Training Program is structured to train psychiatrists to be excellent clinicians. We are community based, and have the largest inpatient facility in the state of Oklahoma. Established in the 1890’s and named after David Griffin, Griffin Memorial Hospital is now a 120 bed facility that forms the backbone of our early clinical experience.

A Message From the Program Director

At Griffin Memorial Hospital, psychiatry residents learn to treat both common and rare forms of mental illness. Many patients with difficult illnesses are referred to us for care, and we are one of the few facilities that can treat people for an extended time if needed.

We provide an early child/adolescent experience in form of inpatient child rotations in the first and second years of residency. In addition our outpatient child rotation is with Child and Family Services, a facility that provides family and child counseling in many modalities combined with psychiatric medical care. The inpatient rotation is at the Children’s Recovery Center, in Norman Oklahoma, an adolescent facility focused on treatment of dual diagnosis and trauma recovery.

Our outpatient treatment center is the Central Oklahoma Mental Health Center in Norman. Our residents manage the medical treatment and psychotherapy of community patients and also participate in therapy groups. We have CBT, psychodynamic, and psychopharmacology supervisors among our faculty. We have also partnered with many local psychoanalysts for outside case consultation of therapy cases and theory instruction. Our residents see patients in an outpatient setting, starting in their second year. The Continuity Clinic, both facilitates the longer treatment of therapy cases and teaches residents a fee for service model of psychiatry. Additionally, we have partnered with local therapists for medication management of therapy cases. In this clinic we want to facilitate an experience of combined medication and therapy treatment with outside therapists.

Clayton Morris, M.D.
GMH Medical Director

I am excited to say that our residents have ample opportunity to get well versed and comfortable with treating patients in a telemedicine setting.  Our 3rd year residents, spend 4 hours a week, seeing patients in five different clinics across Oklahoma, while being in their offices in Norman Oklahoma.  

Our Forensic rotation not only involves in person patient encounters at the Oklahoma Forensic Center and Oklahoma county Jail, in the second year of training, but also time to spend in local county courts.  The rotation becomes more interesting and rich in the 4th year, when residents see patients via telemedicine, at the Oklahoma Forensic Center, Vinita Oklahoma. They spend 4 hours a day, once a week, seeing these patients in an inpatient setting via telemedicine. This provides opportunity to get familiar with the Forensic law and management of mentally ill, in the criminal system.    

One of the highlights of our program, is our partnership with Dr. Michael Garrett of Suny Downstate Medical Center of Brooklyn, NY. Our training program is the pilot program for Dr. Garrett's training for residents, regarding CBT for psychotic patients. We had the pleasure of participating in the workshop, Dr. Garrett presented at AADPRT, in Austin TX, in March of 2016. Our residents participate in weekly Skype sessions with Dr. Garrett for supervision for their psychotic patients, going through CBT for psychosis. Please visit our didactic page for more information.  

We are dedicated to patient care and we have a passion for understanding the mind. The Faculty is excited about the education of residents and other students. On behalf of the Griffin Memorial Hospital Psychiatry Residency Training Program, let me welcome any interest you may have in joining our program.

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