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Faith Services

The ODMHSAS will support faith-based communities across the state to provide prevention services to their congregations and communities. Faith-based sector providers will deliver direct prevention services, link faith-based organizations with community resources, and build relationships between groups at risk in the community.

Under the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act, ODMHSAS has initiated the Oklahoma Youth Suicide Prevention and Early Intervention Initiative. ODMHSAS provided evidence-based youth suicide prevention programs (gatekeeper training and screening) throughout Oklahoma through local mental health prevention service providers, schools, youth-serving agencies, tribal governments, and colleges and universities.

Moving Forward With Faith Initiative

The Moving Forward With Faith Initiative is ODMHSAS’s commitment to including the voices of the faith based community in our efforts to reduce substance misuse and promote mental well-being for all Oklahomans. Guided by a statewide advisory council composed of faith leaders, community partners, preventionists, recovery specialists, mental health professionals, laity, and stakeholders with lived experience, and utilizing evidenced based and faith tailored interventions, this Initiative will work with communities of faith to build a path forward in the fight against the substance misuse and mental health crises facing them.