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Providing support and foundation in the recovery process

Case Management serves persons with mental illness using a strengths based approach. The aim involves a collaborative effort with the case manager and the consumer that includes:

  • Assessing 

  • Linking  

  • Referring 

  • Advocating  

  • Monitoring 

Mission: To provide support and foundation in the recovery process. 

Vision: To be a national leader and case management support through all areas of the behavioral health system and beyond. 

Values: Integrity, Support, Diversity, Optimistic, Inspiring, Dependability, Compassion

  • People have the capacity to learn, change and grow 
  • Focus on strengths rather than deficits 
  • The client is seen as the director in the helping relationship
  • The helping relationship is primary and essential 
  • The preferred setting for our work is the natural environment in the community
  • The community is an oasis of resources

Behavioral Health Case Management is a process that includes planned linkage, advocacy and referral assistance provided in partnership with a consumer, family members, law enforcement personnel, community agencies and other supports as defined by the consumer. This collaboration of services is to provide a continuum of care for persons that utilize services inclusive of, but are not limited to mental health, substance abuse, prevention or other services to support the consumer in self-sufficiency and community tenure. Case management actions may take place in the individual’s home, in the community, or in a facility.   An ODMHSAS Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager works with the consumer and their identified supports, in accordance with a treatment plan developed with and approved by the recipient and qualified staff to reach the consumer's goals to remain successful in their recovery.