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ODMHSAS Facilities

The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS) is the state’s safety net mental health and substance use treatment services system. The department’s core mission is to provide prevention and treatment services for Oklahomans who are indigent and without a means to pay. To address those needs, ODMHSAS has multiple state-operated facilities across Oklahoma that target different populations.

Inpatient Hospitals

The department operates psychiatric hospital services for Oklahomans. These facilities provide acute inpatient psychiatric care for individuals who do not have access to other psychiatric inpatient care, or longer term care for individuals who are a danger to themselves or others and are unable to temporarily function in a community setting. The Oklahoma Forensic Center conducts forensic evaluations for the judicial system and provides inpatient care for persons found not guilty by reason of insanity.

ODMHSAS Inpatient Hospitals:

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics

ODMHSAS is responsible for a statewide network of certified community behavioral health clinics (CCBHC) that provide a wide variety of services including case management for adults and children, crisis intervention, psychiatric rehabilitation, medication services, and other outpatient mental health services. Additionally, community based programs include assistance with such services as housing, employment, peer advocacy and drop in centers.

ODMHSAS Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics:

Crisis Stabilization Units

Urgent Care and Crisis Centers are places of stabilization and offer the community a no wrong door access to mental health and substance use care. These facilities operate similar to a hospital emergency department that accepts all walk-ins, ambulance, fire and police drop-offs. The need to say yes to mental health crisis referrals, including working with persons of varying ages and clinical conditions regardless of acuity, informs program staffing, physical space, structure and use of chairs and recliners in addition to beds, offering flexible capacity and flexibility within a given space.

ODMHSAS Crisis Centers:

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