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Are You OK?

Are You OK? is a simple question that can make a big difference in the well-being of our coworkers. That is the message and the slogan of the new campaign with a focus on suicide prevention and post-vention in the workplace. 

Are You OK? is a two-part e-learning intended for adults who serve as organizational owners, managers, supervisors, human resources staff, and others to learn how to prevent and respond to suicide in the workplace.

After completing the e-learning, you can take action to prevent suicide in your workplace. As this e-learning recommends, one step you can take toward creating a safer workplace is to provide specialized training by role. 

For additional mental health training, supervisors and organizational leaders can take Mental Health First Aid.  Talk Saves Lives, an introductory suicide prevention training, is recommended for employees. ODMHSAS is also available to help you develop a plan for your workplace or organization.