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Below you will find interactive dashboards for various ODMHSAS programs. These are best viewed on a computer browser in the most up to date version of your browser's software. You will also need to have cookies enabled on your browser for the dashboards to poplate data.

ODMHSAS Online Query System (OOnQues)

This system allows the public to see the number of Oklahomans served by the department’s programs. The information can be divided by geographic and demographic parameters, as well as produce charts to visual the data. Also, admissions by drug of choice are available. If you have question or comments, please contact David Wright.

988 Call Center Dashboard

Rolling 30 Day count of calls received by 988 Mental Health Lifeline. Information includes a breakdown of calls by type, mobile crisis team dispatches, 911 diversion metrics and more.

Oklahoma Prevention Needs Assessment (OPNA)

Below are links that will allow you to access the OPNA Data Query System. Please visit the OPNA home page for additional information about the OPNA and to view the most recent survey instruments.

Please send an email to for questions about the OPNA Data Query System.

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