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Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

The Crisis Intervention Team program is a community effort partnering both police officers and the community together for common goals of safety, understanding and service to individuals with mental illness and their families. Officers participate in a 5-day, 40-hour CIT training program. The professional provider community has recognized the need and efficacy of the CIT program and has partnered with law enforcement in providing the most effective training material possible. The training program consists of several classes taught by a variety of instructors including a Psychiatrist, a Substance Abuse Specialist, Social Workers, Police Officers and representatives from NAMI. Panel discussions with service providers from the Community Mental Health Centers are also included. This training prepares officers to safely de-escalate a crisis, determine the need for emergency treatment and get the consumer to professional treatment as quickly as possible.

Since embarking in this program in 2002, more than 2,200 Oklahoma law enforcement officers from 170 different agencies haved been trained by ODMHSAS. A training module has also been created for dispatchers to ensure that they can properly get calls to the CIT Officers that are listed on their roster. 

Program Benefits:

  • Crisis response is immediate
  • Decrease in arrests and use of force
  • Under-served consumers are identified by officers and provided with care
  • Officers are better trained and educated in verbal de-escalation techniques
  • Officers' injuries during crisis events decline
  • Less “victimless” crime arrests

Research shows that communities utilizing the CIT model have higher success rates in resolving serious crisis situations. The program has been cited as helping to reduce inappropriate incarceration of people experiencing mental illness and providing relief to an overburdened criminal justice system.

CIT classes are posted on the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforecement Education and Training (CLEET) Website. To enroll please visit this page.


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Cory Sutton

Law Enforcement Liason