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Baby's Safety at One Year

Baby’s Safety at One Year

At one year old, baby is more independent and curious. Baby runs about, is reckless and always exploring new things. At this age, baby also begins taking toys and other things apart. Here are tips to help ensure baby’s safety at one year of age.

Car Safety
  • Keep car seat rear-facing until two years of age or they have reached the upper weight limit of the seat
  • Never leave baby alone in car, especially in hot weather
  • Driver should always make sure he/she knows where the child is before moving car

Water Safety

  • Keep baby away from ice chests, hot tubs, buckets, whirlpools and washers in and outside the home
  • Always stay with baby in swimming pools and kiddie pools
  • Keep baby away from ponds – it is difficult to save a child from a deep, muddy pond


  • Keep baby securely strapped in stroller, highchair, swing or shopping cart.
  • Use buffer or protector around belts of shopping cart which may be soiled
  • Never leave baby alone on counters, beds, tables, couches or other high places
  • If riding on a bicycle with an adult, place baby in a rear-mounted seat, wearing a helmet

Prevent Poisoning

  • Keep cleaning products, alcohol and medications up high and away from food
  • Keep plants and planting pots out of the reach of baby
  • Keep baby away from poisonous plants, flowers and trees outside the home
  • Keep medicines and cleaning supplies in a locked cabinet
  • Have safety caps on all medicines and household chemicals
  • Keep camphor and other items in a locked area. Never store lye cleaners in the home
  • Call Poison Control (1-800-222-1222) or bring the child to the emergency room if the child may have eaten anything poisonous

Safety Points for Daycare/Other Homes

  • Cribs and mattresses and places used for care of baby should be same as suggested for home
  • Be sure no wires or cords are near crib or play area
  • Cover electric outlets and barricade electric appliances and cords
  • Remove water containers, medicines and plants from baby care area
  • Have no guns or ammunition
  • Keep hot food and liquids and utensils out of baby’s reach
  • Keep window areas clear of furniture and use window guards
  • Have gates in place at all stairs and rooms that are off limits

Safety – Environment

  • Keep baby away from front-loading dryers and washers
  • Remove all breakable items from tables and cabinets, and install child-proof latches to cabinets
  • Place crib mattress at lowest level and remove large toys and bumpers
  • Do not allow baby near electric or motorized toys, toys with small pieces or balloons
  • Do not store toys in chests with lids where a child can be caught or injured
  • Continue to use gates at the top and bottom of stairs
  • Keep child away from electric outlets and stoves
  • Keep child in safe place (highchair or playpen) when working and cooking in kitchen
  • Keep baby in a safe place when grilling outside or using lawnmower
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