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2024 Candidate List Book

As required by law, the Secretary of the State Election Board publishes an official list of candidates for state elective office following the statutory candidate filing period. The list is used as the official proof for printing state ballots.

The 2024 Candidate List Book will be posted to the State Election Board website after 7 p.m. on April 5, 2024. Candidates who have filed for office should review the Candidate List Book to confirm that the information in the Candidate List Book is correct.

Candidates who find errors in the spelling of their name, the office for which they filed, or any other error should report the issue immediately to the Office of the Secretary of the State Election Board, State Capitol, Room G28 in Oklahoma City or by calling (405) 521-2391.

2024 Candidate List Book

Last Modified on Apr 05, 2024
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