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  School-Based Services

School-Based Services Program Overview  
We are so glad your school is considering partnering with the Oklahoma Human Services to have a School-Based Specialist placed in your school.   
The application process for the school year is currently open.

Key Responsibilities of School-Based Specialists:

  1. Provide a collaborative link between the schools and the Oklahoma Human Services /community partners/resources
  2. Identify and assess needs of students and identify appropriate responses.
  3. Track and document services rendered to students and their families .
  4. Serve as a resource connection for students and families

Required Educational Requirements for School-Based Specialists  Level I

  • A Bachelor's Degree;

  • OR, an equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting one year of experience in professional social work for each year of the required education.

Level II

  • A Master's degree;

  • OR, a Bachelor's degree and one year of experience in professional social work;

  • OR, an equivalent combination of education and social work, substituting one year of professional social work for each year of the required education.

Preferred disciplines: Education, Social Work, Counseling, Psychology or other related field. The interview is conducted by a representative of the Oklahoma Human Services  and a representative of the local school district.  Oklahoma Human Services  will make the final selection, with consideration of the district's preferences.  Training for School-Based Specialists School-Based Specialists will receive training developed through a partnership with the Oklahoma State Department of Education, the Oklahoma Human Services , and the University of Oklahoma Child Welfare Training and Simulation Center. Training occurs in summer and throughout the year as needed or required. It is an expectation and requirement that all districts allow School Based Specialists to attend required training and when possible on days school is not in session.   School-Based Services Program Assurances.

  1. School districts will ensure that all requirements of the School-Based Services program are met.
  2. The School-Based Specialist and any other staff requested by Oklahoma Human Services /OSDE will attend required trainings and meetings.
  3. School districts will collect data on the effectiveness of the School-Based Services program.
  4. Oklahoma Human Services will monitor and evaluate the actions and effectiveness of the School-Based Services program to ensure short-term and long-term goals are met.
  5. School districts will provide a liaison for the School-Based Specialist that will work collaboratively with the Oklahoma Human Services  supervisor to support program efforts.
  6. The School-Based Specialist will have a background check performed by the Oklahoma Human Services .

The Oklahoma Human Services  School-Based Services program is supported by the following partners:

  1. School administrators, staff and teachers
  2. Oklahoma Human Services school-based staff
  3. Community partners
  4. Students and families
  5. University of Oklahoma Child Welfare Training and Simulation Center
  6. Oklahoma Human Services administrators
  7. Oklahoma State Department of Education
  8. Local Oklahoma Human Services office

The district provides a separate application for each School-Based Specialist position requested.   

Please note selection priority will be given to the school or district who demonstrates high levels of at risk student populations such as, but not limited to, free and reduced lunch rates.

If interested in receiving more information about the program, contract, or application process please contact us at