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How do I Apply to be a Certified Healthy Oklahoma Program?

Each Certified Healthy Oklahoma program has three levels of certification: Basic, Merit, and Excellence. The Certified Healthy Oklahoma criteria and scoring vary by category (Business, Campus, Community, Congregation, Early Childhood Program, and School). There are different elements listed within the application for each category, and the applicant will use a check mark to denote the elements that are currently being implemented within the establishment and/or community. Please see the category’s “Application PDF” for the specific criteria. It is recommended that you print out the pages relevant to your category prior to applying.


The Certified Healthy level of certification (Basic, Merit, and Excellence) is determined by a scoring process. The scoring process varies by category. To read more about the scoring processes, please see the individual category eligibility and scoring (e.g., Business) for an explanation of how each level of certification is awarded.


The annual application period opens on August 1st and runs through November 1st. Applications must be received by 11:59 PM CST on November 1st. Applications MUST be submitted online.

Tips for the Application Process:

  • First, print a copy of the criteria for your review.
  • You do not have to complete the application in one sitting. You will be able to save your application with a unique username and password and return to it later if needed.
  • Before submitting the application, be sure to print a copy for your records.
  • Submitted applications are final.
  • Review the link to the criteria list for each category (“PDF Application”).  

Need Help or Have Questions?

The Certified Healthy Oklahoma Team at the Oklahoma State Department of Health provides assistance and consultation regarding Certified Healthy Oklahoma. The Team can provide the following services:

  • Resources on how to implement and accomplish the required elements within each category
  • Resources on how to adopt policies related to physical activity, nutrition, and tobacco
  • Content expertise and information regarding best practices
  • Information and technical assistance – trends, data, and best practices for physical activity, nutrition, and tobacco
  • Training materials and tool kits
  • Data related to physical activity, nutrition, and tobacco
  • Training and resources on how to implement a worksite wellness program – including the adoption of policies related to physical activity, nutrition, and tobacco
  • Information or technical assistance regarding the Certified Healthy Oklahoma process
  • Best practices being implemented and/or suggested by the State of Oklahoma
  • How to establish partnerships, utilize these partnerships, and collaborate with existing resources  


For each category, there are specific elements that are required for an applicant to be considered Certified Healthy. The “Resource Guide” can be utilized to assist applicants with implementing the elements. The Certified Healthy Team can also assist and provide additional information around these elements.

Certified Healthy Oklahoma requires certain policies to be in place. The Certified Healthy Team has sample policies on file to assist applicants in meeting the criteria listed within each category.