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FAQs by Program


  1. Recognition as an organization or community that goes “above and beyond” to create a healthy, nurturing environment.
  2. Recipients are invited to a special awards event.
  3. Enhance your organization or community’s image.
  4. Your staff will benefit: healthier employees are proven to be more productive employees and have a direct impact on a program’s success.
  5. Gain more opportunities to improve the health of your organization or community.


Yes, all interested sites must be located in Oklahoma in order to apply, regardless of the headquarters location.

Yes, Certified Healthy status is for one year. If an applicant wishes to apply for re-certification, a new application is required.

Yes, we will not accept applications from an applicant whose primary revenue source is one or more of the following: alcohol, tobacco products, or vapor products. Additionally, we will not accept applications from unincorporated cities or towns that do not have a governing body that allows it to make decisions and set ordinances.

Yes, we encourage applicants to apply for each program in which eligibility has been met.

Please fill out a request with the Technical Assistance System

Certified Healthy Oklahoma is a statewide recognition program that offers a free assessment tool allowing businesses, campuses, communities, congregations, early childhood programs, and schools to gauge where they stand on supporting health with an annual certification award showcasing their commitment to actively promote wellness.

There are seven Certified Healthy Oklahoma programs: Business, Campus, Community, Congregation, Early Childhood Program, and School. Please see the section you are interested in for more information.

Application Process

Please apply online at

No, all applications must be completed online. We will not accept mailed or faxed applications.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail if your application is submitted successfully. If you do not receive this e-mail, you will need to re-submit. Remember clicking the “Save” button does not submit your application. Make sure to click the “Submit” button at the end of the application.

The applicant may decide to apply for all sites jointly or for each site individually. However, if policies and procedures vary by location, we encourage applicants to submit an application for each site if feasible. Additionally, a new feature will be offered in 2016 that will give the user the ability to clone applications. It is important to note that only one certificate will be provided per application.

Please fill out a request with the Technical Assistance System

We will send out award decisions in March/April.

The application period runs from August 1st-November 1st.

Applicants that meet Basic, Merit, and Excellence will receive a certificate. All applicants will be invited to a professional development opportunity that will help them grow in their effort by increasing their knowledge and resources.  

In the resources section under each program, you will find a link to a PDF application.

Yes. If you can’t remember your password, click the “Request New Password” button, enter your email used to log in, and then click the “E-mail new password” button. A temporary password will be sent to the registered email. If you can’t remember your log in email, you can contact the Certified Healthy Oklahoma Team at (405) 426-8300 for assistance.

No, multiple applications can be completed under the same login. If you are creating a login for the first time, make sure to check all the programs (community, business, school, etc.) you plan on submitting an application for. Otherwise, you will need to contact the Certified Healthy Oklahoma Team at (405) 426-8300 to gain access to additional applications without creating a new login.

Yes, a pdf version of each application is located under the resource tab.


Each program has different criteria, all of which are evidence-based. Please see the program you are interested in for more information.

All Certified Healthy criteria are updated biennially to reflect the most recent best practices. Criteria were last updated in 2021.

First, check out the Resource Guide for the section you are interested in for specific information. If you still need assistance, contact the Certified Healthy Oklahoma Team at (405) 426-8300 or your local county health department.

Please contact the Certified Healthy Oklahoma Team at (405) 426-8300 or your local county health department.


We strive to be as transparent as possible with scoring. We use specific percentages for scoring, and these percentages vary based on Certified Healthy Oklahoma program and recognition level (Basic, Merit, or Excellence).

The number of criteria needed for certification varies by Certified Healthy Oklahoma program and certification level.

We are here to provide technical assistance to your program. Please contact the Certified Healthy Oklahoma Team at (405) 426-8300, we can pull up your 2021 application and work with you to identify ways to grow your application. Your local county health department is also a great resource for information on criteria implementation.


The Certified Healthy Oklahoma Team is here to help you and may be reached at (405) 426-8300. For specific questions, please give us a call or send an e-mail to

If you’re interested in having someone from your local community assist with your questions, please refer to the below lists: