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Wells & Licensing

The Oklahoma Water Resources Board licenses well drilling and pump installation professionals to ensure the integrity of well construction and prevent pollution of groundwater in Oklahoma. The program is guided by comprehensive standards developed in cooperation with the Well Driller & Pump Installer Advisory Council.

The standards and rules developed require that all well drilling and pump installation activities meet a minimum set of requirements. These include location of a well in relation to potential pollution sources, installation of surface and annular seals, disinfection methods, approved materials, and other rules designed to protect the groundwater and promote public health. Licensed well drillers and pump installers are required to know and follow these standards to maintain their licenses in good standing.

Any well drilling contractor who intends to drill a groundwater well for non-domestic use must apply for authorization and receive approval from the OWRB prior to drilling. Authorization will not be issued for any well location that does not have an active groundwater use permit.

  • Intent to drill authorizations are required for groundwater wells used for public water supply, industrial use, medical marijuana grow operations, poultry operations, irrigation of more than 3 acres, oil and gas recovery, and any other commercial use.*
  • Intent to drill authorizations are not required for domestic groundwater wells used for household purposes, livestock (up to the land’s grazing capacity), and irrigation of less than 3 acres.*

Please contact Charles O’Malley or Jacob Hernandez at (405) 530-8800 for an authorization PIN, and then use the link below to apply. OWRB staff will respond to applications within approximately 5 business days.

Submit a Notice of Intent to Drill a Groundwater Well

* For complete definitions and requirements see OAC 785:30-1-1 and OAC 785:35-13-1. Please note that failure to submit an intent to drill application as required may result in a penalty of up to $5,000 per day per violation.

Last Modified on Oct 11, 2023
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