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Call for Projects

As part of the CWSRF's strategic planning efforts and to ensure adequate funding for Oklahoma's wastewater infrastructure, the OWRB issues calls for eligible wastewater projects and other pollution control/water quality activities. This process does not obligate the participating authority or district to a specific project or dollar amount; the information gathered will only be used to assist the OWRB in tracking funding availability for potential projects. A list of eligible entities and projects can be found on the CWSRF program page.

The CWSRF requires the development of affordability criteria to assist in community ranking across Oklahoma. The EPA requires affordability criteria to include income and employment data, population trends, and any other data determined relevant by the State.

Tiered System for Oklahoma’s CWSRF Affordability Criteria

Community Affordability Calculation

The OWRB has developed a loan forgiveness strategy directly tied to the Tier System of Affordability Criteria, which allows for a multi-level structure and consistent approach to Affordability Criteria providing full disclosure for communities across Oklahoma to view the formula used, community percentage ranking, and Tier determination through the state CWSRF website.

Oklahoma’s Loan Forgiveness Strategy

Applies to any CWSRF eligible project

4 0%
3 50%*   requires a cost share of 50% per project
2 75%*   requires a cost share of 25% per project
1 100%* requires a cost share of 0% per project
*Maximum loan forgiveness of $1,000,000 per entity, per fiscal year.


Oklahoma’s Additional Eligibility Loan Forgiveness Strategy

To benefit a municipality that meets the state’s affordability criteria (as defined in the previous section).

  • Maximum loan forgiveness amount is up to $1 million per entity, per SFY and may require a cost share depending on tier of affordability criteria.
    • Tier 3 – 50% of project cost eligible for loan forgiveness
    • Tier 2 – 75% of project cost eligible for loan forgiveness
    • Tier 1 – 100% of project cost eligible for loan forgiveness

To benefit a municipality that does not meet the state’s affordability criteria but will benefit individual ratepayers.

  • Maximum loan forgiveness amount of $500,000 for eligible project costs for Tier 4 entities per entity, per SFY.

To any eligible recipient to implement a process, material, technique, or technology that addresses water or energy efficiency goals; mitigates stormwater runoff; or encourages sustainable project planning, design, and construction.

  • Maximum loan forgiveness amount of $500,000 for eligible project costs per entity, per SFY. Can be additive to the amount for affordability criteria if awarded.

General Loan Forgiveness Guidelines

  • Loan forgiveness will be determined on a "first come, first serve" approach for eligible entities.
  • Loan forgiveness amount will be appointed upon Board approval.
  • Loan forgiveness consideration will require "bids in hand" before presentation to the Board for construction requests.
  • Loan forgiveness consideration will require an engineering contract with complete estimate before presentation to the Board for Planning & Design requests.
  • Loan forgiveness strategies provided are for the current state fiscal year and are not to be represented as continual through future state fiscal years.
  • Tie breaker procedures will apply if necessary.
Last Modified on Sep 25, 2023
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