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340:75-11-233.1. Placement services

Revised 9-15-17

The purpose of Child Welfare Services Specialized Placement and Partnerships Unit is to:

(1) ensure that children in Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) custody or tribal custody are placed in the least restrictive community-based residential care (CBRC) placement that most appropriately meets their treatment needs;

(2) ensure equal access to CBRC placement resources by children in DHS custody or tribal custody statewide; and

(3) maintain the waiting list of children in DHS or tribal custody who need CBRC placements when the need for CBRC exceeds the availability of CBRC placements.   • 1 through 9


Revised 6-13-22

1.  Child Welfare Services (CWS) Specialized Placements and Partnerships Unit (SPPU) placement responsibilities.  To respond expediently to the volume of placement requests for children, CWS SPPU:

(1) completes a daily review of children's cases received via the KIDS Above Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) screen;

(2) assesses each placement request and notifies the assigned child welfare (CW) specialist and CW supervisor of receipt of the request by email;

(3) completes a daily review of the facility bed vacancy reports community-based residential care (CBRC) providers submit daily to the email inbox;

(4) evaluates the individualized treatment needs of children on the CBRC waiting list and identifies each child for referral to the appropriate CBRC placement as openings become available;

(A) When a qualified residential treatment program (QRTP) is considered for a child's placement, CWS SPPU:

(i) requests a Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) assessment is completed by a qualified person;

(ii) coordinates with the assigned CW specialist and qualified person for the CANS assessment's completion; and

(iii) utilizes the CANS assessment and written documentation made by the qualified person to identify the child's appropriate CBRC level.

(B) The completed CANS assessment and written documentation made by the qualified person are provided to the assigned CW specialist upon the referral's authorization of a child's CBRC placement;

(5) makes the referral for placement to the CW facility liaison when a CBRC facility is identified and notifies the assigned CW specialist and CW supervisor of the referral, and, when requested, the district director;

(6) documents, on KIDS Placement Authorization screen, information used in reaching the placement recommendation and compliance with applicable laws and policies; and

(7) completes documentation related to the placement episode when notified by the assigned CW specialist that the child is placed.

2 Psychiatric admission.  Admission of a child to an acute psychiatric facility or a psychiatric residential treatment center (RTC) is made per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:75-16-30.

(1) The CWS SPPU provides consultation to the assigned CW specialist and CW supervisor regarding the identification of appropriate placement resources for a child discharged from inpatient psychiatric care.

(2) When the child enters inpatient psychiatric care or within five-business days following admission for monitoring purposes per Instructions to Staff (ITS)  of this Section, the assigned CW specialist begins discharge planning. 

3. Dual adjudication placement.  A child who is adjudicated deprived and in need of supervision or delinquent is placed per OAC 340:75-6-46.

4 Placement priority for a child in Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) custody or tribal custody.

(1) The child's treatment needs, placement history, current location, trauma history, and readiness for placement determine placement referral priority.

(2) Priority is given on the waiting list when a child is:

(A) ready for discharge from an inpatient psychiatric treatment facility; or

(B) in a CBRC facility and needs a more or less restrictive level of CBRC care.

(3) CWS SPPU establishes the waiting list according to the:

(A) level of care the child requires;

(B) child's current location;

(C) placement request's date ;

(D) child's county of jurisdiction; and

(E) child's permanency plan.

(4) The assigned CW specialist's supervisor facilitates assignment of the placement request to CWS SPPU by approving the KIDS Placement Recommendation screen that indicates his or her review of Form 04KI010E, Placement Worksheet, for completion and accuracy.  Refer to OAC 340:75-11-233 ITS.

(5) The assigned CW specialist is responsible for:

(A) electronically providing CWS SPPU initial and updated collateral case information needed to justify CBRC placement, including, but not limited to, documentation of previous placement episodes, psychological evaluations, behavioral health diagnoses, hospital letters, facility progress reports, critical incident reports, and discharge summaries; and

(B) maintaining regular and ongoing contact with CWS SPPU via email inbox to inform of any changes in the child's location or need for CBRC placement.

5. Report of vacancies.  The CW facility liaison or the provider immediately reports CBRC vacant beds to the SPPU email inbox as listed in the contract when a bed becomes vacant or in advance when a planned discharge results in a vacant bed.

6Placement procedures.  When the assigned CW specialist receives the referral, the assigned CW specialist:

(1) immediately contacts the CBRC facility and CW facility liaison where the child is referred;

(2) makes arrangements for transportation and ensures the child is placed, per OAC 340:75-11-238, within three-business days from the date of the placement referral to Level D+, per OAC 340:75-7-360, and Level C group homes, per OAC 340:75-11-330, and within two-business days from the date of placement referral to a Level E group home, per OAC 340:75-11-360; and

(3) immediately documents the placement in the child's KIDS Placement screens.  CWS SPPU authorization of the placement episode unlocks the KIDS Enter-Exit screen.

7. Behavioral health gatekeeping process.  The process of admitting a child into a mental health facility, per Section 5-502 of Title 43A of the Oklahoma Statutes, or RTC begins with a phone screening through the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) at 1-800-522-0114, or by taking the child to the nearest psychiatric hospital for a face-to-face screening by a behavioral health professional.

8. Placement request for a child in inpatient treatment.

(1) The assigned CW specialist immediately initiates a placement request on the KIDS Placement Recommendation screen, for any child in OKDHS or tribal custody who is admitted in an inpatient mental health facility whose discharge plan recommends placement in a CBRC facility.

(2) The assigned CW specialist and CW supervisor ensure Form 04KI010E is updated to reflect inpatient treatment history and discharge recommendations.

(3) The assigned CW specialist provides information to CWS SPPU on the child's projected length of stay as authorized by OHCA or as determined by discharge planning by the treating facility.

9.  Admission to a mental health facility.  When a child is admitted to a mental health facility from a CBRC placement, the assigned CW specialist initiates a new placement request on the KIDS Placement Recommendation screen within three-business days to reflect inpatient admission.

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