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Adoption Services

​​The mission of the Swift Adoption Services is to secure an adoptive family for every waiting child for whom adoption is the goal. Children can be assured a permanent adoptive family through early identification, assessment and child preparation; aggressive recruitment and preparation of prospective adoptive parents; the elimination of legal and other barriers to adoption; and the adequate provision of supportive services.

  • Foster Care and Adoption Parent Interest Request - Please complete this form if you are interested in receiving a call regarding our Bridge Foster Care and Adoption Program.
  • OKDHS Adoption Program - You can choose whichever attorney you would like to complete your adoption; however, dedicated OKDHS Adoption Attorneys are available to complete your adoption of a child in OKDHS custody. Our services are always provided free of charge to you. We finalize adoptions in all 77 counties. For more information, please visit OKDHS Adoption Program or submit a request to speak to one of our attorneys.
  • Resource Family Assessment Application (Form 04AF001E)  - Please complete this form if you would like to begin the process to become a foster or Adoptive Family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Phone: 1- 800-376 -9729

Mailing Address:
Oklahoma Department of Human Services
2400 N Lincoln Boulevard
Oklahoma City, Ok 73111

Last Modified on Dec 28, 2022