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340:75-7-51. Foster care claims

Revised 9-17-18

(a) Foster care maintenance payments.

(1) A foster care claim for a maintenance payment is approved after:

(A) the resource family assessment is completed and approved, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:75-7-18;

(B) pre-service training is completed by each parent in the resource home unless an exception applies, per OAC 340:75-7-14;

(C) the results of national criminal history records searches based on fingerprints are received regarding each applicant and each adult household member, per OAC 340:75-7-15;

(D) a foster care contract is signed by each applicant; and

(E) a Designated Client Number (DCN) is assigned to the foster care contract.

(2) A maintenance payment may not precede the date of the foster care contract.

(3) The resource parent authorizes direct deposit or obtains a debit card to receive foster care maintenance payments.   • 1

(b) Overpayment or underpayment of the foster care maintenance payment.The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) and the resource parent ensure the accuracy of the foster care maintenance payment upon receipt of the payment.When an error occurs, the procedures for adjustments listed in (1) through (3) of this subsection must be completed.

(1) The resource parent immediately notifies the resource specialist or DHS notifies the resource parent upon discovery of an error in the foster care maintenance payment.

(2) DHS authorizes foster care supplemental payments upon discovery of underpayments.When an overpayment coincides with the underpayment, the overpayment is recouped before the underpayment is paid.

(3) DHS authorizes repayment schedules when resource parents are paid for days the child was not in placement or for an amount greater than authorized.

(A) The resource parent reimburses DHS for any overpayment, regardless of the party responsible for the error.Each monthly payment toward resolving the overpayment must equal at least 10 percent of the overpayment unless an exception was granted.

(B) The resource specialist assigned to the resource home notifies the resource parent of the overpayment and explains the:

(i) reason for the overpayment;

(ii) amount of overpayment;

(iii) resource parent's responsibility for repayment; and

(iv) repayment options.

(C) Repayment options are:

(i) payment in full by check or money order payable to DHS;

(ii) a deduction from the monthly foster care maintenance payment while children in DHS custody remain in the home; or

(iii) extra payments each month to DHS as well as the deduction from the monthly foster care maintenance payment. • 2  & 3

(D) When the resource parent:

(i) closes the home and does not repay the overpayment, the amount of the overpayment remains in the DHS electronic system indefinitely; and

(ii) reopens the resource home after closure, the overpayment is deducted from the foster care maintenance payment.


Revised 9-17-18


1.Direct deposit authorization or debit card.The resource specialist discusses the options for foster care maintenance payments with the resource parent that include a:

(1) debit card.

(A) When the debit card option is selected, the resource parent automatically receives the card by mail.The resource specialist reminds the resource parent to use caution not to assume it is "junk" mail and throw it away.

(B) When the resource parent receives other types of Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) payments by debit card, the foster care maintenance payment is added to the existing card; or

(2) direct deposit.

(A) When selecting direct deposit as the form of payment for the foster care maintenance payment, the resource parent completes the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form found at InfoNet/Quick Links/Electronic Payment System/Oklahoma Direct Deposit Enrollment Form.

(B) When the resource parent receives other types of DHS payments by direct deposit, the foster care maintenance payment is also direct deposited.

2.Overpayment notice.The resource supervisor is notified by the resource specialist of the overpayment agreement.When the resource parent is non-responsive or non-compliant with the overpayment agreement, the field manager is notified.The resource specialist:

(1) completes a payment agreement in KIDS/Financial Management/Resource History screen/Repayment Agreement;

(2) documents each payment in the repayment agreement when it is paid or deducted from the maintenance payment; and

(3) when the local district office receives a payment for an overpayment, completes Form 04FC010E, Notification of Overpayment in Foster Home, and immediately submits it to DHS Financial Services with the payment.

3.Status of foster care maintenance payment.

(1) When there is an issue with the foster care maintenance payment, the resource specialist reviews the financial management screens in to determine the reason.

(2) When the reason for the foster care maintenance payment issue is undetermined and assistance is needed, the resource specialist contacts the resource supervisor who consults with the field manager.

(3) When the resource parent has questions about debit card funds or when the debit card is lost, the resource parent contacts the debit card Help Desk at 1-888-401-9843.Five free calls to the Help Desk per month are allowed but each subsequent call for the month costs $.85 per call.

(4) The resource parent may access debit card account information any time without charge at

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