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Library: Policy

340:75-7-14. Training requirements

Revised 9-15-20

(a) Pre-service training.Applicants and adult household members who will care for a child in Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) custody are required to complete a prescribed course of training, prior to resource approval.The training incorporates the reasonable and prudent parent standard and addresses the values and guiding principles essential for caring for a child, who is a victim of maltreatment.  1

(1) Each applicant completes required Child Welfare Services (CWS)-approved training.Additionally, any adult household member, 18 years of age and older, who provides daily care for a child, completes the required training.An exception may be given when an individual is determined to possess required values and guiding principles as a result of prior foster care training and experience.

(2) Kinship applicants may be approved for placement of the kinship child prior to completion of pre-service training.

(3) Kinship applicants must complete, pre-service training before receiving foster care maintenance payments.

(4) An applicant who is a former resource parent with a break in DHS service of less than five years meets the training requirements.

(5) An applicant may request a permanent training waiver.A request for a permanent training waiver is approved or denied by the resource field manager.The applicant may request a permanent waiver, when:

(A) the equivalent training was completed within the last five years.A list of equivalent training from a tribe, private agency, or another state is included that details subjects addressed in the training; or

(B) he or she has a significant disability that precludes the completion of training.Disability verification must be provided by a physician.A person granted a permanent training waiver for disabilities cannot be a caregiver for the child in DHS custody.

(b) In-service training.Each resource parent completes 12 hours of continuing in-service training per year of service to enhance his or her skills as a provider. 2

(1) DHS provides free in-service training options for the resource parent.

(2) With CWS approval, other training is accepted as credit toward in-service training requirements.The resource parent provides the resource specialist with the training certificate, when available, from the training source that lists completed, approved hours.

(3) The resource parent selects from training options, such as classes, conferences, reading materials, or other learning opportunities that enhance his or her skills and meet the in-service training requirement.The resource parent receives approval for each training option from the resource specialist.

(4) A resource parent residing in another state and caring for a child in DHS custody must meet the requirements of his or her state of residence for ongoing training to maintain DHS approval as a resource parent.


Revised  9-15-20

1.Pre-service training.

(1) Training schedule.A pre-service training schedule is maintained in the Child Abuse and Neglect Information System KIDS.

(A) The resource field manager may request additional resource family training sessions through resource program staff in the current or subsequent training quarter on an as-needed basis.Requests are honored as resources allow.

(B) For training to occur, a training session must have at least 12 participants enrolled and confirmed.When participation in the initial training session is less than 12 persons, class suspension is considered.

(2) Enrollment.The resource specialist enrolls the applicant in pre-service training in KIDS.

2.In-service training.The resource specialist documents each training completed by the resource parent in the KIDS Resource or verifies the training tracked by KIDS.

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