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340:50-9-3. Certification and denial notice information

Revised 7-1-13

(a) Time limit for providing notice.  The applicant household is entitled to receive a certification or denial notice no later than 30 calendar days after the initial application date.  Refer to OAC 340:50-9-4 when a processing delay occurs.

(b) Notices.  A computer-generated notice is sent to applicant households immediately following eligibility determination and worker action to approve or deny benefits.

  • (1) Certification notice.  The certification notice informs the household of:

    • (A) the beginning date and length of the certification period;

    • (B) the benefit amount of the allotment and any variation in the benefit level based on:

      • (i) changes anticipated at the time of certification; or

      • (ii) differences caused because retroactive benefits are calculated using different income or the initial month's benefits are prorated; and

      • (iii) its right to a fair hearing.

  • (2) Expedited certification and expiration notice.  When the worker approves food benefits on an expedited basis because ongoing eligibility has not been determined, in addition to information contained in (b)(1) of this Section, the notice:

    • (A) explains that certain information was postponed because the household qualifies for expedited eligibility processing; • 1

    • (B) includes the expiration date; and

    • (C) the conditions for making timely reapplication.

  • (3) Denial notice.  The denial notice informs the household of:

    • (A) the reason for the denial; and

    • (B) its right to request a fair hearing.


Issued 7-1-13

1.Refer to OAC 340:50-11-1 through 340:50-11-6 for expedited processing rules.

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