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340:50-11-1. Expedited service screening, criteria, and time limits

Revised 9-15-21

(a) Expedited service screening.  Oklahoma Human Services Adult and Family Services staff designated by the county director or field manager must screen every initial Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program application, including those received from residents of approved drug and alcohol treatment centers and group homes, on the day it is received in the county office or support center to determine if the household is entitled to expedited services.  When an initial application indicates the household is eligible for expedited service, action is taken immediately to begin processing the application.

(1) Applications, other than certification renewals, are considered initial applications.  Certification renewals are applications received before the household's certification period expires or on the first day of the month following expiration of the certification period.  Certification renewals are not screened for expedited service.

(2) When an application is received on the second day of the month following expiration of the certification period or any day thereafter, it is considered an initial application and is subject to prorated benefits and expedited screening.

(b) Expedited service criteria.  Per 273.2(i) of Title 7 of the Code of Federal Regulations, households entitled to expedited services include households:

(1) with less than $150 gross income when liquid resources do not exceed $100;  ■ 1

(2) with migrant or seasonal farm workers considered destitute when liquid resources do not exceed $100; and

(3) whose combined monthly gross income and liquid resources are less than the household's monthly rent or mortgage and/or applicable utility standard per Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:50-7-31(a)(6)(C).

(c) Expedited service time limits.  When a household is eligible for expedited service, food benefit eligibility must be determined and food benefits issued no later than seven calendar days from the application date.  Refer to OAC 340:50-3-1(b)(1) for right to same day filing processes.  ■ 2  When the seventh-calendar day falls on a non-business day, the application must be processed by the last business day prior to the seventh-calendar day.  When a household is determined ineligible for food benefits because it does not meet non-financial eligibility criteria, the worker must deny the application no later than 30-calendar days after the application date.

(d) Late entitlement determination.  When expedited service screening fails to identify a household as being entitled to expedited service and the worker subsequently discovers the household is entitled to expedited service, the worker provides such service within seven-calendar days of discovery.


Revised 9-15-21

1.  (a) Per Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:50-7-1, the worker accepts the household's statement regarding the value of liquid resources.  Liquid resources include:

(1) cash on hand;

(2) checking or savings account balances;

(3) the cash value of savings certificates; and

(4) the cash value of stocks or bonds.

(b) The worker documents the amount of liquid resources declared by the household in Family Assistance/Client Services (FACS) case notes.

(c) When the household is not eligible for expedited food benefits due to declared liquid resources, the worker codes the declared amount in the FACS Resource tab.  Entering declared resources triggers the 30-calendar day processing standard.  When declared resources exceed $2,250, the worker enters $1999 to avoid computer system edits.

2. To determine the seventh day, count the day after the application as day one.

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