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340:105-10-15. State Plan administration - Title III compliance monitoring

Revised 7-15-06

(a) Policy.  The State Agency has responsibility for carrying out all activities under the State Plan on Aging.

(b) Authority.  The authority for this Section is Section 303(c)(1) and (2) of the Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended and Parts 1321.7(b) and (c) and 1321.11(b) of Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

(c) Procedures.  The State Agency carries out its responsibilities under the State Plan on Aging by:

(1) developing and monitoring a management plan for the State Plan on Aging that includes:

(A) overall goals of the plan;

(B) measurable objectives outlining what is done to reach the goal;

(C) action steps describing how each objective is accomplished, such as specific tasks;

(D) staff assignments of responsibility for each objective; and

(E) a format for tracking accomplishment of action steps and objectives;

(2) submitting to the Administration on Aging regional office all required program and fiscal reports related to State Plan activities;

(3) developing and updating a statewide policies and procedures manual for the administration of Title III Older Americans Act programs;

(4) developing a format for Area Plans and providing technical assistance for the plans to Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs);

(5) reviewing and approving all Area Plans;

(6) monitoring AAA program and fiscal reports;

(7) annually conducting two desk reviews and a minimum of one on-site assessment of each AAA and forwarding written reports to the AAA;

(8) providing technical assistance to the AAAs, as appropriate;

(9) conducting quality assurance activities related to State Agency functions; and

(10) utilizing probationary status, suspension of funding, or other appropriate action when the AAA fails to achieve compliance with outlined requirements.

(d) Cross references.  See OAC 340:105-10-11(a)(7), 340:105-10-15, and 340:105‑10‑21.

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