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First Lady Sarah Stitt

Sarah Stitt has been married to Kevin Stitt since 1998 and is the mother of six children.

Prior to serving as First Lady, Sarah spent 20 years cultivating a friendly work environment at Gateway Mortgage that helped employees grow spiritually, relationally and professionally. 

As First Lady, Sarah is working to utilize her resources and position to advocate for those suffering from mental health issues and adverse childhood experiences who do not have the means to do so for themselves. Having worked with close family members through the challenge of diagnosing and managing mental health issues, she knows firsthand the difficulty of finding quality mental health services in Oklahoma.

Many mental health diagnoses are results of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES). Research shows that ACES can be reversed with caring relationships and the provision of pathways to success. Sarah concentrates her efforts as First Lady on raising awareness of ACES, and working to connect state resources with nonprofits that are combatting ACES every day. Oklahoma is a generous and caring state, and Sarah firmly believes that there can be hope for a bright future for every Oklahoman.

Sarah chairs the board of Friends of the Mansion, a nonprofit dedicated to the maintenance and restoration of the Oklahoma Governor’s Mansion. Currently, she is overseeing the renovation of the Governor’s Mansion, with the intention of bringing the home back to its original structure and restoring its historical value. 

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