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For Parents:

Do you know if your child care provider is Stars rated?

Use the Oklahoma Child Care Locator tool to look up a child care provider’s Stars rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

QRIS stands for Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS), also called the Stars program. This is an Oklahoma Human Services initiative that helps licensed child care programs improve the quality of care provided to children. The Stars program provides a way for families to evaluate the quality of child care.

Choosing child care is one of the most important decisions that families can make for their children. Studies show that birth to age 5 is the most important stage in a child’s development. Up to 90% of a child’s brain develops in these early years. Good child care helps prepare children to start school.

The Stars program is available to all programs licensed in Oklahoma, such as child care centers, head start programs, tribal child care programs, out-of-school programs, part-day children’s programs, and family child care homes.

Yes. There are five Stars levels in the QRIS program. When a child care program gets a permit or license in Oklahoma, they are automatically given a 1-star rating. These programs are meeting minimum licensing requirements. Child care programs can apply for higher Stars levels and commit to the quality practices required at that particular level. If a program is a 2-star level or higher, you can be sure that it is committed to quality practices and improvement over time.

Stars ratings are based on meeting minimum licensing standards, good administrative practices, better educated caregivers, family partnerships, learning activities for children, and program evaluation.

If a child care program is participating in the Star program, their star level should be printed on the license displayed at their facility. In addition, you may find the Star level of any child care program by searching the child care locator.

Child care programs that work with Oklahoma Human Services to provide subsidized care are paid higher reimbursement rates at each Stars level. See more information on applying for child care benefits.


Last Modified on Jun 01, 2022
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