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What Level Am I?

Child care providers who have not applied for their rating through the new 5-star rating system will need to reapply with specific Stars level in mind to receive benefits. Applicants should consider the following criteria when deciding what Stars level to apply for:

1 Star Overview
Programs meet and maintain minimum licensing requirements that ensure the basic health and safety of the children in care.

2 Stars Overview
Programs meet all 1 Star criteria plus quality criteria such as staff have enhanced education and training in child development and other topics related to their work with children and offering ways for families to join in their child’s education and development, including partnering with families to plan for individual children’t needs.

3 Stars Overview
Programs meet all 1 & 2 Star criteria and additional quality criteria such as providing rich, hands-on activities and equipment that interest the children and sharing this information with families.

4 Stars Overview
Programs meet 1, 2 & 3 Star criteria and additional quality criteria such as lesson plans that meet the interests and developmental needs for each child and providing regular program-wide activities that promote basic skills and higher-level thinking.


5 Stars Overview
Programs meet 1, 2, 3 & 4 Star criteria and additional quality criteria such as adding their choice of five or more program-wide practices which could include child and family orientation, daily playground safely checks, and working with schools (with parental permission) about children’s heath and wellness.

Last Modified on Mar 07, 2023
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