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Licensing Staff

Licensing specialists, supervisors and regional program managers are located throughout the state in DHS county offices. 
Licensing staff are responsible for:

  • Accepting applications and approving recommendations for licensure of child care providers
    and programs;
  • Monitoring programs a minimum of three times annually for compliance with licensing
    requirements and Stars quality criteria;
  • Investigating complaints;
  • Recommending revocation of a license or denial of an application when a program fails to meet or
    maintain requirements;
  • Maintaining information on a database for accountability and parent referrals; and
  • Maintaining involvement in community child care issues and promoting
    public awareness.

Contact Information 

Contact by email  
Phone: (405) 521-3561
              (844) 834-8314 
Fax:      (405) 522-2564 
Mailing Address:
PO BOX 25352
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0352                                  

Specific Licensing Contact - by County

Use the Child Care Locator/Summary of Program Monitoring to view a summary of program monitoring reports for your a child care program or to search for quality child care in Oklahoma.  View the Child Care Locator Fact Sheet.

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