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Child Care Advisory Committee - Minutes

March 8, 2017

Members Present:

Lesli Blazer Rod Phillips Jason Charles
Eloise Locust Paige Whalen Kristi Simpson
Kami McManus Debbie Medley William Alexander
Brent Thackerson Sara Vincent Gayla Ham
Donna Legaard Debra Andersen Andrea Schwarz
Peggy Byerly Michelle Stasser Doug Gibson
Angela Clayton Jolene Ring Sharon Morgan
Felicia Jackson Cheryl Hight Rachel Proper

Members not Present:

Amanda McClain Annie VanHanken Anthony Stafford
Chrystal Nelson James Simmons Midge Woodard
Shannon Lee    

Others Present:

Leslie Bradford Jessica Smith Wendy Argo
Amy Cornelson Denise Anderson Carole Turner
Susan Case Linda Whaley Pamela Smith
Paula Koos Mitzi Lee LuAnn Faulkner-Schneider
Darla Cheek    

Meeting Notices:

  • The Agenda and Meeting Notice were posted on 03/01/2017 on  with a list of all CCAC meetings for 2017 previously submitted to the Secretary of State on 12/15/2016.
  • The Meeting Notice was posted at Catholic Charities on 03/07/2017.

Call to Order:

  • Debbie Medley called meeting to order at 10:07 am.


  • Eloise Locust provided words of reflection.


Approval of Minutes:  

  • December 14, 2016 minutes approved.

DHS Budget Presentation

  • Sheree Powell, Director of Communications and Community Relations, provided update on DHS budget and said that she would send Lesli Blazer a copy of the presentation for distribution to members.

Standing Membership Subcommittee Report:

  • Eloise Locust provided report
  • Subcommittee members met on January 23 at the DHS Sequoyah Building
  • Members reviewed the membership list and determined there are currently no vacancies.
  • They also reviewed the by-laws, and the new statute regarding the specified membership of each of the standing subcommittees.  Suggestions, recommendations, and assignments for making contact with them were made and they will continue working on this during the next quarter.
  • Jason Charles attended orientation today.

Standing Subcommittee Reports:

  • Child Care Facilities (centers) Standing Subcommittee
    • Rachel Proper provided report.
    • Subcommittee has not met since the last CCAC meeting. Their last meeting was in October 2016.
    • They have been focusing on trying to meet the requirements that are outlined in the new legislation and trying to find members.
      • A practicing pediatrician has been found to serve on the subcommittee.
    • Due to Rachel's appointment as the Chair of the QRIS Standing Subcommittee the Chair is a vacant on this subcommittee. If anyone is interested in this position please contact Lesli Blazer.
      • Subcommittee meets twice a year – May (OKC) and October (Tulsa)
      • Once the Chair has been filled dates will be selected for 2017 meetings.
  • QRIS Standing Subcommittee
    • Rachel Proper provided report.
    • Subcommittee met December 14, 2016. They finalized the changes that were recommended for STARS requirements and reviewed a new assessment tool that was provided by CCS that will supplant the Environment Rating Scales.
    • Their next meeting will be today after CCAC meeting.
    • Rachel Proper was officially appointed as the Chair of this subcommittee.
  • Residential Standing Subcommittee
    • Brent Thackerson provided report.
    • Subcommittee has not met since last CCAC meeting.
    • Their next meeting will be May 4, 2017 in OKC.
  • Family Child Care Home Standing Subcommittee
    • Kami McManus provided report.
    • Subcommittee has not met since last CCAC meeting
    • Residential Revision Subcommittee
      • Brent Thackerson provided report and handout.

Legislative Update:

  • Linda Whaley provided and handout and discussed status of bills.

Licensing Sanctions Report:

  • Kristi Simpson provided report and handout.

Old Business:

    • Office of Background Investigations
      • OBI is currently processing same day or next day; there is no backlog. 
      • Currently almost fully staffed – only one vacancy that they hope to fill soon.
      • LiveScan mobile unit changes:
        • Going to Woods County instead of Texas County
        • Going to Choctaw County instead of McCurtain County
        • A three month calendar of dates and locations is on Listserv

New Business:

    • Lesli Blazer provided handout on policy update that the Office of Client Advocacy recommended that will be effective Nov. 1, 2018.
      • Resident grievance records need to be kept in a separate confidential file and not with their other records.

Public Comments:

    • No public comments

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm

Next Meetings:

  • Wednesday, June 14, 2017
  • Wednesday, September 13, 2017
  • Wednesday, December 13, 2017