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Library: Policy

OKDHS:2-21-157. Printing services

Revised 5-1-14

     Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) forms and other materials required by DHS are printed and distributed by the DHS Support Services Departmental Services Unit (DSU) Print Shop or DSU Copy Center.  This includes numbered memos, recruitment announcements, newsletters, conference related materials, and any miscellaneous bulletins or announcements specific to DHS locations.  The Print Shop or Copy Center prints administrative rules, policy, booklets, pamphlets, periodicals, reports, forms, posters, cards, manuals, and envelopes issued by DHS.

  • (1) Request for printing.  An approved Form 23PU114E, Reproduction Request, is submitted to the Print Shop or Copy Center to request printing services.

  • (2) New materials.  Procedures to request printing of new materials are outlined in DHS:2-21-152.

  • (3) Special printing needs.  When a request requires paper of a weight, size, or color not carried in stock, the requesting DHS location is responsible for all costs or for furnishing supplies necessary to complete the job.

  • (4) Copyright.  The Print Shop and Copy Center adhere to copyright laws.  Copyrighted documents are not reproduced without written permission from the copyright source.

  • (5) Private organizations.  DHS is prohibited from bearing the cost of printing materials for private organizations.  When there is a contractual obligation in which printing of documents for a private organization is an integral part of a specific DHS program, the officer or program director may approve the project.

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