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340:75-8-36. Identification, application, and needs assessment

Revised 9-15-16

(a) Children in Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) custody, who have an intellectual disability and meet eligibility requirements for Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS), per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 317:40-1-1, may be jointly served by Child Welfare Services (CWS) and Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS).

(b) The child welfare (CW) specialist has responsibility to make application for DDS services for children in DHS custody.  • 1

(c) A needs assessment for DDS services is initiated by the child's CW specialist at the earliest possible time for the child 3 years of age or older.  • 2

(1) DDS area intake staff completes the needs assessment and identifies services necessary to meet the child's needs.

(2) DDS services, when appropriate and when funding is available, may be provided in the child's:

(A) family home;

(B) foster home;

(C) adoptive home; or

(D) group home per OAC 317:40-1-1.

(d) When the needs assessment determines the child's needs require HCBS, DDS area staff forwards the completed DDS eligibility packet to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA).The completed eligibility packet includes Form 06MP001E, Request for Developmental Disabilities Services, and all required attachments provided by the CW specialist.  • 2 & 3

(e) OHCA reviews the completed eligibility packet and makes a determination of eligibility for HCBS. • 4


Revised 9-15-16

1.Initial application and assessment for Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS).

(1) When, at any time, the child welfare (CW) specialist believes a child in Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) custody may be eligible for services, the CW specialist:

(A) immediately staffs the child's needs with the CW supervisor and refers to Form 04MP013E, Child Welfare/Developmental Disabilities Services Checklist;

(B) completes Form 06MP001E, Request for Developmental Disabilities Services; and

(C) attaches Form 04MP028E, CW Request for DDS Needs Assessment.

(2) When, at any time, the CW Community Partnership nurse believes a child in DHS custody may be eligible for DDS services, the nurse may initiate the application and assessment process.

(3) When the child is in:

(A) permanent DHS custody, the CW supervisor signs completed Form 06MP001E; and

(B) emergency or temporary DHS custody, the child's parent signs Form 06MP001E.When the child's parent is unwilling or unable to sign Form 06MP001E, the CW specialist requests the court sign Form 06MP001E.

(4) The CW specialist submits the completed and signed Form 06MP001E to the DDS area intake office serving the child and documents the application process in KIDS/Client/Finance/Eligibility screen.

2.DDS needs assessment.

(1) DDS staff:

(A) completes a written needs assessment for each Form 04MP028E received on behalf of a child in DHS custody; and

(B) maintains a tickler file for all children in DHS custody with an intellectual disability whose needs are met by Medicaid, school, or other sources, and completes another needs assessment when the child reaches 17 years of age.

(2) When DDS area staff determines a child's needs may best be met by:

(A) Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS), staff then requests a completed eligibility packet from CW staff and submits it to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) for consideration; or

(B) Medicaid, school, or other sources, staff then consults with the CW specialist to assist in accessing appropriate services for the child.When there is disagreement by CW staff, CW staff may appeal the decision to the Child Welfare Services programs liaison to DDS to initiate an administrative review.

(3) DDS area staff provides a copy of the written needs assessment to CW staff and works with CW staff to identify referrals and needed resources.

(4) At any time the child's needs change, CW staff submits a subsequent referral, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:75-8-36 Instructions to Staff # 1, for HCBS, and DDS staff completes another needs assessment.

3.Application.The completed DDS eligibility packet includes Forms:

(1) 06MP001E; and

(2) 04MP028E and attachments of the child's:

(A) social history, including developmental milestones, sexual and physical abuse history, and history of any alleged delinquent behavioral problems;

(B) psychological assessment, within one year, that includes the intelligence quotient (IQ) score and adaptive functioning assessment;

(C) medical assessment, within 90-calendar days, on Form 08MA080E, Report of Physician's Examination;

(D) copy of full-certified birth certificate or, Application for Search and Certified Copy of Birth Certificate, Infonet under Form Information, Non-OKDHS Forms or at the Oklahoma State Department of Health Division of Vital Records

(E) current immunization record;

(F) legal documents showing DHS custody status, Disposition Order, last court review, and Termination of Parental Rights Order, when applicable; and

(G) Social Security card or Form SS-5, Application for Social Security Card.

4.HCBS eligibility determination.The child's CW specialist receives notification of eligibility determination for HCBS from the DDS area intake worker or the DDS case manager on 06MP003E, Notice of Action - Request for Services.When the child is approved for HCBS, the CW county of jurisdiction specialist enters the DDS status and approval date in KIDS Contacts screen and the child's IQ on KIDS Medical screen.

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