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Library: Policy

340:75-8-14. Therapeutic foster care (TFC) program staff responsibilities

Revised 9-17-18

      TFC program staff acts as a liaison to each contracted TFC agency.  • 1 


Revised 9-16-21

1.  The therapeutic foster care (TFC) liaison and liaison supervisor are responsible for:

(1) assisting the TFC contractor in maintaining effective working relationships with Child Welfare Services field staff and in problem resolution;

(2) providing consultation to the TFC contractor about the Oklahoma Human Services policy and TFC contract requirements;

(3) creating new TFC family resources for homes certified by the TFC contractor in the KIDS Resource Directory and updating TFC home resources in KIDS to reflect changes and closures reported by the contracted agency;

(4) assisting in the ongoing assessment of the TFC contract and in the contract monitoring by participating as a member of the team in the annual on-site contract assessment; and

(5) reporting contract violations to the TFC liaison supervisor.

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