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Library: Policy

340:75-8-12. Responsibilities of therapeutic foster care (TFC) coordinators

Revised 9-16-19

TFC contractors receive referrals for the placement of children in Oklahoma Department of Human Services custody or tribal custody in TFC homes from TFC program staff.TFC program staff is responsible for the referral process of children to TFC contractors.  1


Revised 9-16-21

1.  Therapeutic foster care (TFC) program field representative (PFR) responsibilities.  The TFC PFR:

(1) manages the placement referral process for a child requiring TFC placement in the respective Child Welfare Services (CWS) area;

(2) coordinates placement referrals statewide by maintaining frequent contact with TFC contractors through regional placement meetings, phone contact, and email;

(3) forwards recommendation for placement to agencies when complete information is obtained;

(4) tracks placement referrals until the child is placed and keeps the CWS specialist informed of the status of the placement referral by email;

(5) maintains all referral information/placement documentation in the KIDS case document management system; and

(6) upon notification of the child's placement from the TFC contractor and CWS specialist:

(A) authorizes the placement;

(B) enters the name of the TFC contractor who accepted the child for placement; and

(C) documents placement justification on KIDS Placement Authorization screen.

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