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Library: Policy

340:75-7-290. Foster Care and Adoption Support Center

Revised 9-15-22

Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) maintains a foster parent and adoptive parent support center to provide information related to foster care and adoptive services.  The support center is accessed by calling 1-800-376-9729, emailing, or by visiting

(1) Foster care general information or concerns.  The support center may be contacted when:

(A) a person needs general information regarding foster care or adoption;

(B) the foster parent or adoptive parent does not feel his or her specific concerns were addressed by OKDHS staff; or

(C) a person needs contact information for his or her child welfare specialist.

(2) Reports.

(A) Per Section 1-9-117 of Title 10A of the Oklahoma Statutes (10A O.S. § 1-9-117), the support center call is directed to the OKDHS Office of Client Advocacy where an investigation or inquiry may be initiated regarding allegations that an OKDHS employee or a child-placing agency:

(i) threatened the foster parent with removal of a child in the foster parent's care;

(ii) harassed the foster parent;

(iii) refused to place a child in the approved foster home; or

(iv) disrupted a child placement as a result of retaliation or discrimination against the foster parent who:

(I) filed a grievance with OKDHS Child Welfare Services;

(II) provided information to any state official or OKDHS employee; or

(III) testified, assisted, or otherwise participated in an investigation, proceeding, or hearing against OKDHS or a child-placing agency.

(B) Allegations of foster parent rights violations are reported to the foster care ombudsman at the OKDHS Office of Client Advocacy, per 10A O.S. § 1-9-120.  The foster care ombudsman may be contacted at 1-866-335-9288 or

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