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340:75-7-280. Resource Family Partner (RFP) foster care

Revised 9-15-22

(a) RFP foster care purpose.  RFP foster care services are provided, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:110-5, by a private, licensed child-placing agency that contracts with OKDHS to meet, per OAC 340:75-7, the child's foster care needs through service coordination and delivery in conjunction with OKDHS.

(b) Admission to RFP foster care.  Admission to RFP foster care is administered by the OKDHS RFP Liaison Unit.  ■ 1 & 2

(c) Roles and responsibilities.

(1) OKDHS RFP liaison.  The OKDHS RFP liaison is the contact person for the RFP agency regarding home approval, determining placement eligibility, and contract monitoring.

(2) RFP agency.  The RFP agency:

(A) ensures the availability of qualified and trained providers and staff;

(B) coordinates requests for placements with OKDHS;

(C) coordinates placement and discharges with the child welfare (CW) specialist;

(D) coordinates with the CW specialist to afford the child all services that promote the child's progress; and

(E) ensures the child's total needs are met while the child is in an RFP placement.  ■ 3

(e) Discharge from an RFP home.

(1) Notice.  When the child discharges from an RFP home, the CW specialist coordinates the discharge with the RFP agency and the home, and advance notice is provided, per OAC 340:75-6-86(c).

(2) Provider information.  Information and items given to the new provider include the:

(A) child's current medications with instructions for dosage and use;

(B) equipment or supplies required for the child's special care;

(C) dates of follow-up appointments;

(D) personal items or clothing OKDHS purchases, including disposable diapers; and

(E) Women, Infants, and Children vouchers, non-perishable food, or other items obtained for the child.


Revised 9-15-22

1.  Admission to Resource Family Partner (RFP) foster care.  The Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) RFP liaison provides admission notification in writing to the:

(1) RFP agency;

(2) child welfare (CW) specialist;

(3) CW supervisor; and

(4) resource supervisor.

2.       Placement decision.  The OKDHS RFP liaison notifies the CW specialist of the placement availability and the CW specialist coordinates the placement with the RFP agency.

3.       Notification.  Following each placement or discharge by a CW specialist, the RFP agency notifies the OKDHS RFP liaison.

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