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340:75-6-1. Purpose of permanency planning for the child in Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) custody or under DHS supervision

Revised 9-17-18

(a) Purpose.Permanency planning services are provided to the:

(1) child in DHS legal custody or under DHS legal supervision as ordered by a court; and

(2) child's parent, legal guardian, or custodian to assist in changing behaviors and correcting the conditions that led to the child's removal from the home and court involvement.

(b) Guiding principles.The guiding principles of planning for the child in DHS custody or under DHS supervision are:

(1) safety;

(2) permanency; and

(3) well-being.

(c) Outcomes.Addressing the child's needs is critical in attaining the desired safety, permanency, and well-being outcomes.

(1) Permanency planning services are initiated immediately following the child's removal from the home and continue until the child is safely returned to the home or other safe, permanent placement is finalized. • 1

(2) Services are provided on the basis of the individualized needs of the child and family, whenever possible.A full range of community-based program options are provided so the child may remain in his or her own home or community, whenever possible.

(3) When it is not safe for the child to remain in his or her own home, every effort is made to place the child with a suitable relative, per Section 1-4-706 of Title 10A of the Oklahoma Statutes.

(4) When siblings are in DHS custody, every reasonable attempt is made to place the siblings together.Guidance on when siblings may be separated is located in Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:75-6-85.

(5) Children are placed in residential settings only after other less restrictive settings were attempted or considered.


Revised 9-17-18

1.Case review.Prior to making any case-related decisions or recommendations regarding visitation, placement, reunification, or termination of parental rights, the assigned permanency planning specialist reviews, no later than five-business days after assignment:

(1) Form 04KI003E, Report to District Attorney, and Form 04KI030E, Assessment of Child Safety (AOCS), related to the most recent case opening, and all subsequent AOCS;

(2) all child welfare history;

(3) all completed Form 04KI014E, Individualized Service Plan (ISP) Progress Report, in the current case; and

(4) all KIDS worker visit contacts for past six months.

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