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Library: Policy

340:75-4-9. Purpose, philosophy, legal base, and authority for family-centered services (FCS)

Revised 7-19-21

(a) Purpose.  Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) provides FCS that includes appropriate referrals and services for families after completing an assessment or investigation of child abuse or neglect allegations.  The purpose of FCS is to:

(1) focus on the child's safety; and

(2) preserve and strengthen protective capacities of the person responsible for the child to keep the child safely in the child's own home.

(b) Philosophy.  Family preservation and rehabilitation is a priority during the pendency of the FCS case; however, the right to family integrity is limited by a child's right to be protected from abuse and neglect, per Section 1-1-102 of Title 10A of the Oklahoma Statutes.  FCS emphasizes a commitment to:

(1) maintain the child safely in his or her own home, when possible;

(2) focus on the entire family rather than individuals; and

(3) provide comprehensive services that engage the family and target the family's therapeutic, supportive, and concrete needs.

(c) Legal basis and authority.  Preventive and pre-placement services to children and families are mandated by the Promoting Safe and Stable Families Act, Title IV-B, Subparts I and II, Family First Prevention Services Act, Title IV-E, and the OKDHS Child and Family Services Plan.

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