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340:75-3-210. Assessment protocol

1 through 5

Issued 7-1-13

     Assessment protocol.  An assessment is a comprehensive review of child safety and evaluation of family functioning and protective capacities conducted in response to a child abuse or neglect report that does not allege a serious and immediate safety threat to a child.


Revised 11-1-18

1. Assessment protocol.

(1) The assessment, like an investigation:

(A) addresses allegations, resulting from a report of abuse or neglect;

(B) identifies behaviors and conditions in the home that lead to risk factors; and

(C) evaluates the protective capacities of the person responsible for the child's (PRFC) health, safety, or welfare to address the safety needs of each child in the family.

(2) The child welfare (CW) specialist explains to the family that the assessment includes separate and joint discussions with all family members and may include information gained from other sources to determine what actions or interventions, if any, are needed to address identified concerns.

(3) Form 04KI030E, Assessment of Child Safety, is utilized for assessments.

2. Assessment processes. Refer to Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340-75-3-200 and OAC 340:75-3-220 Instructions to Staff for investigation and assessment interview protocol.

3. The information gathered for the six key questions is summarized to determine if family behaviors or conditions cross the safety threshold. The child welfare (CW) specialist completes Section III Safety Threats/Impending Danger of Form 04KI030E. The CW specialist considers the totality of the information when making a safety determination, including any and all previous or on-going Oklahoma Department of Human Services involvement with the family. The safety threat is identified by using the threshold criteria in (1) through (5):

(1) specific and observable family condition;

(2) severity;

(3) involves a vulnerable child;

(4) out of control; and

(5) likely to occur in the near future.

4. Upgrading an assessment to an investigation. When a child is determined unsafe in the initial stages of the assessment and the family's circumstances or the PRFC's behavior poses a risk to the child, the CW specialist immediately:

(1) initiates an investigation; and

(2) CW specialist follows investigation protocol and tells the family an investigation is necessary rather than an assessment. The CW supervisor upgrades the assessment in KIDS to an investigation.

5. Assessment report. The CPS Assessment Report is provided to the applicable district attorney.

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