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Library: Policy

340:75-19-30. Voluntary foster care for the child in tribal custody after 18 years of age

Revised 9-15-16

(a) The tribe may continue to provide foster care services on a voluntary basis to a youth in tribal custody who turns 18 years of age prior to completing his or her:

(1) high school education; or

(2) General Educational Development (GED).

(b) The youth:

(1) remains eligible for voluntary foster care until he or she completes high school or GED requirements or reaches his or her 21st birthday.When the youth stops pursuing an education, the youth is no longer eligible for voluntary foster care; and  • 1

(2) agrees to:

(A) participate in the development of an successful adulthood plan outlining the steps to achieve self-sufficiency;

(B) participate in successful adulthood services and activities; and

(C) abide by the successful adulthood plan.


Revised 9-16-21

1. Request for voluntary foster care for the child in tribal custody.

(1) Tribal IV-E program staff:

(A) reviews Form 04IL001E, Voluntary Placement Request, completed per Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:75-6-110, Instructions to Staff # 9 submitted by the tribe and youth requesting voluntary foster care;

(B) consults tribal program staff, when needed; and

(C) approves the request for voluntary foster care.

(2) Three months prior to the youth's 18th birthday, the Indian child welfare worker provides tribal IV-E program staff:

(A) a memo requesting voluntary foster care for the youth and a recommended time for the care; and

(B) a written request from the youth requesting voluntary foster care.

(3) A youth aging out of foster care is certified for Medicaid without an application or required review.  Changes in address or other demographics are reported by the youth to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority.

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