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340:75-19-26.1. Therapeutic foster care (TFC) or intensive treatment family care (ITFC) for the child in tribal custody   1 & 2

Revised 9-15-22

     TFC or ITFC is the least restrictive, community-based residential care placement setting.  Children in Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) custody or tribal custody served in TFC placements are 4 through 17 years of age, and the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) authorized reviewer determines whether they meet the medical necessity criteria for TFC or ITFC services, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 317:30-5-741 or 317:30-5-751.

(1) When the child in tribal custody requires TFC or ITFC, per Part 1 of OAC 340:75-8, the tribal Indian child welfare (ICW) worker:

(A) requests an interview for TFC or ITFC application by completing the TFC Coversheet and emailing it to; and

(B) provides accurate and complete information regarding the child's behavior to the TFC program staff completing the application over the phone.

(2) Upon the application's completion, TFC program staff sends it to OHCA for the request's approval or denial.

(3) TFC program staff enters and updates the placement recommendation screens in KIDS according to OHCA approval or denial.


Issued 9-15-22

1.       The tribal Indian child welfare worker contacts Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) or intensive treatment family care (ITFC) program staff to obtain initial determination that the child meets TFC or ITFC  medical necessity criteria.

2.       When the child's KK is not open, TFC program staff contact tribal IV-E program staff for assistance.

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