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340:75-19-34. Role of Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) tribal IV-E program staff

Issued 9-15-22

     OKDHS tribal IV-E program staff is assigned for each tribe with a contractual agreement for foster care.   1 – 2


Issued 9-15-22

1. Child Welfare Services (CWS) tribal IV-E program staff has specific duties and responsibilities for the Indian child in tribal custody and for the child in Oklahoma Human Services custody placed in a tribal resource.

2.  CWS tribal IV-E program staff:

(1) assists the tribe to facilitate placement of the Indian child in tribal custody into a tribal resource;

(2) develops an active working relationship with the assigned tribe;

(3) reviews Form 04TB004E, Indian Child Welfare Program Referral, the court order, and case plan submitted by the tribe, and contacts the Indian child welfare worker when additional information is needed;

(4) sets up a case in KIDS for the Indian child in tribal custody with the case type of tribal custody;

(5) enters the placement in the appropriate tribal foster home in KIDS Placement Enter-Exit screens.

(A) The case type is tribal custody.

(B) The child is shown as placed in the appropriate tribal foster home.

(C) Authorizes child care for the child in tribal custody placed in a tribal-certified foster home where the tribal foster parents meet the requirements for paid child care benefits;

(6) are assigned the primary case;

(7) updates the child's case in KIDS to reflect changes in placement and closes the child's KIDS case when the child is no longer in tribal-certified foster care placement or tribal custody; and

(8) processes the foster care maintenance payment for tribal foster family care each month and responds to questions about foster care payment from Indian child welfare workers or tribal foster parents.

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