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340:75-16-35. Responsibilities of the inpatient behavioral health services Child Welfare (CW) facility liaison

Revised 9-15-17

(a) A CW specialist from the Child Welfare Services (CWS) Specialized Placements and Partnerships Unit is assigned to each CWS contracted inpatient behavioral health service facility.

(b) The CW facility liaison responsibilities include:   • 1

(1) assessing and ensuring the safety of children receiving acute and residential behavioral health services per Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:75-11-239;

(2) having on-site interaction with the child at the inpatient behavioral health service facility; and

(3) immediately notifying the child's assigned CW specialist when the child is absent from the facility without permission. The child's CW specialist follows protocol and completes runaway notifications, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:75-6-48.3.


Revised 9-15-17

1.Child Welfare (CW) facility liaison's role and responsibilities.The inpatient behavioral health services CW facility liaison:

(1) provides a supportive service role.The CW facility liaison works in conjunction with the assigned CW specialist to ensure the safety of the child and service delivery to the child who is admitted to an inpatient behavioral health service facility; and

(2) is responsible for:

(A) remaining alert to and reporting any alleged or suspected abuse or neglect of a child to the DHS Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline (Hotline) at 1-800-522-3511;

(B) following Child Welfare Services (CWS) Specialized Placements and Partnerships Unit protocol when reports of abuse, neglect or maltreatment are received by the Hotline per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:75-11-239;

(C) documenting contacts in KIDS Contacts screen;

(D) attending staffing and conferences at the inpatient behavioral health service facility as available;

(E) providing updates in KIDS Contacts screen and informing the assigned CW specialist regarding the child's course of stay at the facility;

(F) providing information about the inpatient behavioral health service facility's treatment program to the assigned CW specialist;

(G) reviewing all reports received from the Office of Client Advocacy (OCA), the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, and law enforcement for possible contract violations.When review of information indicates violations occurred, the CW facility liaison implements a plan for immediate safety or a corrective action plan with the facility and adds the information to the facility services plan per OAC 340:75-11-239 Instructions to Staff; and

(H) ensuring the facility cooperates with any inspection, investigation, evaluation, plan for immediate safety, corrective action plan, facility action step, notice to comply, or written plan of compliance made by CWS or OCA and that the facility provides all ongoing assistance necessary to ensure the safety, protection, and well-being of children.

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