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Library: Policy

340:75-16-28. Purpose and legal basis

Revised 9-15-16

(a) Purpose.The purpose of behavioral health treatment services is to ensure children in Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) custody receive inpatient behavioral health treatment as needed per Sections 5-501 through 5-513 of Title 43A of the Oklahoma Statutes (43A O.S. §§ 5-501 through 5-513), Inpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment of Minors Act.The primary purpose of inpatient behavioral health treatment is short-term crisis stabilization of children.

(b) Legal basis.The rules in Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:75-16 are issued in compliance with 43A O.S. §§  5-501 through 5-513 and 10AO.S. § 1-7-103, that mandates to DHS review and assess each child in DHS custody to determine the type of placement consistent with the child's treatment needs in the nearest geographical proximity possible to the home of the child.

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