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Library: Policy

340:75-16-36. Out-of-state inpatient behavioral health services

Revised 9-15-16

(a) A child in Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) custody admitted to inpatient behavioral health service facilities out-of-state must meet the same medical necessity criteria for inpatient behavioral health services required in Oklahoma.

(1) A child in DHS custody is only admitted to a facility that is an Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) approved, Title XIX provider under formal contract with OHCA and Child Welfare Services Specialized Placements and Partnerships Unit.

(2) Admission of a child in DHS custody to an out-of-state, inpatient behavioral health service facility requires prior approval through the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children and facilitation via OHCA.   • 1

(b)The assigned child welfare specialist visits a child in an out-of-state behavioral health service facility every six months.

(c) A child who is admitted to an inpatient behavioral health service facility in Oklahoma by another state does not have to meet Oklahoma Medicaid requirements.   • 1


Revised 9-15-16

1.Facility contract approval and admission procedure.

(1) Contract approval.When the out-of-state inpatient behavioral health service facility is not approved by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) or does not have a formal contract with Child Welfare Services (CWS) Specialized Placements and Partnerships Unit (SPPU), child welfare (CW) or facility staff contacts the CWS SPPU administration that:

(A) refers the facility staff to OHCA for contract approval;

(B) initiates a formal CWS contract with the facility, once the facility is approved by OHCA to receive Title XIX Oklahoma Medicaid reimbursement;

(C) adds the facility to the KIDS Resource directory;

(D) notifies Interstate Compact Placement on Children CWS staff of the resource; and

(E) notifies the assigned CW specialist and CW supervisor of approval to admit the child to the inpatient behavioral health service facility and documents the admission on the KIDS Placement screens.

(2) The assigned CW specialist contacts OHCA to facilitate the referral to an out-of-state inpatient facility.

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