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340:75-16-31. Individualized plan of care

Revised 9-15-17

Per Section 5-513 of Title 43A of the Oklahoma Statutes, within 10-calendar days after the admission of a minor for inpatient behavioral health services, the facility ensures that an individualized plan of care is submitted to the court.The child is involved in determining the plan of care when possible.The child's parent(s) and the assigned child welfare (CW) specialist are involved to the maximum extent consistent with the treatment needs of the child.  • 1

(1) The court reviews the case every 30-calendar days as long as the child receives inpatient treatment.The assigned CW specialist ensures the court receives a written report from the facility regarding the child's progress within three-calendar days prior to any review hearing.

(2) The assigned CW specialist has on-site, face-to-face interaction with the child in acute and residential inpatient behavioral health treatment, per Oklahoma Administrative Code  340:75-6-48.


Revised 9-15-17

1.The assigned child welfare (CW) specialist's role and responsibilities.The assigned CW specialist:

(1) reviews and signs the individualized plan of care when the assigned CW specialist visits the child at the inpatient behavioral health facility or when the individualized plan of care is faxed to the assigned CW specialist for review and signature.Once the individualized plan of care is signed it is returned via fax to the facility; and

(2) begins planning for discharge at the time of admission of the child by entering a placement recommendation on the KIDS Placement screen within five-business days following admission that is approved by the CW supervisor.

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