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340:75-16-33. Discharge and transition plan

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Revised 9-15-16

(a) The treating facility prepares a discharge plan with the assigned child welfare (CW) specialist's input prior to discharge and submits a copy to him or her.The discharge plan includes:

(1) the services required by the child in the community to meet his or her needs for treatment and safety; and

(2) identification of public and private community-based agencies that are involved in providing treatment and support for the child.Linkages with the agencies are made prior to the child's discharge to allow for a smooth transition.

(b) The child is discharged from the facility when he or she no longer meets medical necessity or commitment criteria as determined by appropriate inpatient behavioral health service staff.

(c) The child is discharged upon the expiration of the court order or when a new court order directs the child's discharge.

(d) Discharge and transition planning is provided one hour per week in inpatient acute care and thirty-minutes per week in inpatient residential care.


Issued 9-15-16

1.Discharge from inpatient behavioral health facility with prescription.

(1) When a child is discharged from an inpatient behavioral health facility with a prescription, the physician must note on the prescription form that the child was stabilized on the medication.

(2) The physician notation must be on the same side of the prescription order so the pharmacist may see the note.This notation permits the pharmacist to obtain overrides on certain quantities as well as changes to prescription dosages when the child was stabilized on the medication.

(3) When the prescription is without this documentation and the pharmacist refuses to fill the medication, the child welfare (CW) specialist calls the facility and asks to speak to the physician's nurse.The CW specialist asks the nurse to get this documentation from the physician and fax a copy of the updated prescription form to the pharmacist stating the child was stabilized on the medication.

(4) When an issue arises in filling a prescription with proper documentation provided by the physician, the CW specialist contacts the Oklahoma Health Care Authority Pharmacy Help Desk, 1-800-522-0114, option 4.

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