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340:75-15-6. Adoption services

Revised 9-17-18

(a) Adoption services. Adoption services are provided to the child in Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) custody when reunification efforts with the parent or legal guardian failed or are not in the child's best interests, and permanency may be achieved through an adoptive placement. Adoption is considered for each child in DHS custody who cannot return home regardless of the child's age or special needs.

(b) Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) adoption services. ICPC is an agreement between states to provide protection and services to the child placed across state lines for adoption.

(1) The ICPC deputy compact administrator (DCA) is authorized to conduct the necessary investigation of the proposed placement to assure all statutorily mandated adoptive home-assessment requirements are met.

(2) After the DCA approves the placement, the DCA is administratively responsible for overseeing the placement until the adoption is finalized or, when applicable disrupts, and the child is moved from the placement. DCA administrative oversight includes:

(A) processing supervisory reports from the receiving state;

(B) facilitating communication between the states or parties involved; and

(C) notifying the agency or individual of an adoption finalization or disruption, per Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:75-1-86.

(c) Inter-country adoption. DHS does not complete adoptive home assessments for persons requesting to adopt a foreign national child through inter-country adoption. DHS refers inquiries regarding inter-country adoptions to licensed child-placing agencies in Oklahoma that provide inter-country adoption services.

(d) Private adoptive home study. DHS is not required to make a home study and report to the court on adoptive placements made by private adoption agencies or persons providing private adoption services, per Section 7505-5.4(D) of Title 10 of the Oklahoma Statutes.  • 1


Revised 9-17-18

1.Private adoptive home study.  The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) advises the court that DHS does not perform private adoptive home studies.  Exceptions are approved by the field administrator.



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