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340:75-15-124. Post-adoption services

Revised 9-17-18

Post-adoption services are an essential component of the adoption program. The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) provides post-adoption services to assist the adoptive family, maintain the child in the home, and support adult adoptees and birth family members coping with the lifelong impact of adoption. DHS post-adoption services include:   • 1

(1) Adoption assistance. DHS administers federal and state adoption assistance programs to assist with the adoption of children with special needs, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:75-15-7 and 340:75-15-128.

(2) Comprehensive Home-Based Services (CHBS). DHS provides CHBS for adoptive families through Oklahoma Children's Services, per OAC 340:75-1-151.

(3) Medicaid (SoonerCare) services. Children who are approved for adoption assistance may be eligible for services within the scope of the Medicaid (SoonerCare) program. The adoptive family is responsible for any medical services provided to the child that are not within the scope of the Medicaid (SoonerCare) program.

(4) Respite vouchers. Adoptive families may request respite vouchers.  • 2

(5) Information disclosure after finalization.

(A) Adoptee and birth family. DHS provides upon request, a copy of Form 04AN347E, Medical and Social History Report for Adoption, and any additional medical and social history information in its possession to:

(i) the adoptive parent or legal guardian of the minor adopted child;

(ii) an adoptee 18 years of age and older; or

(iii) an individual 18 years of age and older, whose biological parents' parental rights were terminated and who was never adopted.

(B) Direct descendant. DHS provides medical information, only upon request, to:

(i) an adult direct descendant of a deceased adopted person;

(ii) an adult direct descendant of a deceased person whose biological parents' parental rights were terminated and who was never adopted;

(iii) the parent or guardian of a minor direct descendant of a deceased adopted person; or

(iv) the parent or guardian of a minor direct descendant of a deceased person whose biological parents' rights were terminated and who was never adopted.

(C) Genetic information. DHS provides upon request, a copy of supplemental genetic information about an adopted person, or about a person, whose parental rights were terminated that became available after the issuance of the final decree of adoption, or the termination order to a biological parent or biological relative of:

(i) an adopted person; and

(ii) a person whose biological parents' rights were terminated and was never adopted.

(D) Post-finalization. Additional information received about an adopted child, the adopted child's biological parents, or the adopted child's genetic history is submitted to DHS after the adoption is finalized and retained in the adoption record as long as the records are maintained. A copy is filed with the clerk of the court that issued the decree of adoption and made a part of the court's permanent record.   • 3

(E) Tribal information. DHS may not provide identifying information directly to an adult adoptee to establish tribal rights or membership, but will provide identifying information to the tribe, the court, or Secretary of the Interior for purposes of establishing Native American heritage.  • 4

(F) Inheritance. Termination of parental rights does not terminate the child's right to inherit from the biological parent. DHS assists biological parents with locating heirs and acts as an intermediary, upon request.

(6) Mutual-Consent Voluntary Registry. The Mutual-Consent Voluntary Registry allows adult adoptees and persons separated from birth family members to receive assistance locating birth family members, when parental rights were terminated, per OAC 340:75-15-132.  • 5

(7) Confidential Intermediary Search Program. A person may request the services of a confidential intermediary to search for members of his or her birth family, per OAC 340:75-15-133.

Revised 6-13-22

1.  Post-adoption services.

(1) When an adoptive family requests post-adoption services, such as Comprehensive Home-Based Services (CHBS), a case is opened and an Oklahoma Children's Services referral is requested in Adoption Post-Placement Service Plan (APPSP), which is developed with the family.

(A) When the family adopted through Oklahoma Human Services, the KIDS number assigned at the time of adoptive placement is used.

(B) The original case record is not released from the Adoption Services due to confidentiality requirements.

(2) Information regarding the child's background and medical history may be obtained upon request from the Post-Adoption Services.

(3) The Post-Adoption Services manages the review and claims processing of the adoption assistance case.

2.  Respite.  Respite services are available for a family once a year for up to $75.00 per child for up to two children.  Each additional child is $25 up to a maximum amount of $300 for the family, when funding is available.  The family is provided a respite application upon request.  When the application is received, Finance issues and sends a voucher to the caregiver for completion.  Respite vouchers are not used for a family with a child in foster care.

3.  Disclosure Updates.  When an adoption specialist receives social, medical, psychological, or educational information on a child after finalization and final case review, the following occurs:

(1) the adoption specialist scans the de-identified, when applicable, document and saves the new information into the child's Permanency Planning case as "Adoption Disclosure Packet"  The adoption specialist labels the description as "Child's Name/Adoption Disclosure after Finalization";

(2) the adoption specialist notifies Post-Adoption Services by email of the late disclosure information uploaded to the document management system (DMS);

(3) the post-adoption specialist completes a new Form 04AN006E, Affidavit of Information Disclosure for Adoption, and provides the new information to the family via certified mail;

(4) any disclosure information identified or received 45-calendar days after adoption finalization is submitted to Post-Adoption Services to give to the adoptive family.

(5) after the adoptive family returns signed Form 04AN006E, the post-adoption specialist scans the new form and new information into the Post-Adoption Services case under the General tab as "Adoption Disclosure" and the description is "Adoption Disclosure After Finalization"; and

(6) when the family fails to return a signed copy of Form 04AN006E, the unsigned copy is uploaded into the case's Post-Adoption DMS with the certified mail receipt.

4.  Native American heritage information.  Requests to Post-Adoption Services for Native American heritage information from federally-recognized tribes must be on tribal letterhead.

5. Disclosure of medical and social history.  An eligible person may request his or her non-identifying medical and social history on Form 04CI002E, Oklahoma Mutual Consent Voluntary Registry Registration Affidavit.

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