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340:75-15-88. Resource Family Assessment (RFA) disposition

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Revised 9-17-18

(a) Adoptive applicant approval or denial. Upon completion of the RFA, a decision regarding approval or denial is made after assessing the information gathered. The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) may approve or deny the adoptive applicant when he or she does or does not meet requirements, per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 340:75-15.

(b) Exceptions to assessment guidelines. Upon the applicant's or child welfare specialist's request, DHS may, at its discretion, grant an exception of specific rules or standards that do not compromise a child's safety and do not violate federal or state statutes. Exceptions may be granted, provided adequate standards affording protection for the child's health, safety, and welfare exist and will be met in lieu of the exact requirements of the rule or standard in question.

(c) Adoptive applicant denial. Denial reasons may include, but are not limited to:

(1) poor management of available income or a lack of stable, adequate income to meet the applicant's or household needs;

(2) a home environment that is inadequate to accommodate the addition of children into the applicant's home or that presents health or safety concerns;

(3) the applicant or any person residing in the home with a history of:

(A) alleged or confirmed child abuse or neglect; or

(B) arrests or convictions;

(4) the applicant who has, or is living with a person with a criminal history for any felony, a relevant misdemeanor, or pending charges;

(5) unstable and unsatisfactory relationships in the household;

(6) the applicant's health or any other condition that would impede his or her ability to parent, provide age-appropriate activities, and care for a child on a permanent basis into the child's adult years;

(7) the applicant's or household member's behavioral health that would impede the applicant's ability to care for a child;

(8) references that are guarded or have reservations in recommending the applicant;

(9) the applicant, who does not complete the required pre-service training within one year of application;

(10) the applicant, who applied to adopt a child of a certain age, race, or other characteristic that DHS reasonably believes may not be available for adoption in the foreseeable future, per Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:75-15-84; or

(11) one or more factors regarding the applicant or household members or conditions in the home, renders the applicant or home environment inappropriate as an adoptive resource.

Revised 9-17-18

1. Disposition of the Resource Family Assessment (RFA). The RFA is approved or denied within 60-calendar days after receipt of Form 04AF001E, Resource Family Application. The resource specialist:

(1) reviews Forms 04AF002E, Guidelines for Resource Family Assessment – Family Profile, and 04AF003E, Resource Family Assessment – Family Profile, for content;

(2) shares the RFA with the applicant for the applicant's input prior to the applicant's decision to select in or out of the resource program; and

(3) consults with his or her resource supervisor and, when necessary, the field manager to determine the assessment disposition.

2. Notice of closure of resource home. The resource specialist consults with the supervisor and field manager when determining whether to close a resource home.

(1) When possible, the resource specialist makes face-to-face contact with the resource parent to clarify the reason for closure of the resource home.

(2) The resource specialist sends a letter to the resource parent stating the reason, for resource home closure, per Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:75-15-88. Relevant DHS rules are cited and attached.

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