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Library: Policy

340:75-15-89. Adoptive resource continual evaluation

Revised 9-16-19

Continual evaluation. The adoptive parent is continually evaluated in his or her home. 1 The resource family assessment is updated annually from the resource home's approval date in the Oklahoma Department of Human Services State Automated Child Welfare Information System (KIDS).


Revised 8-12-19

1. (a) Monthly contact with resource families. The resource specialist:

(1) provides ongoing support and addresses concerns or issues the resource family may have;

(2) is required to have monthly verbal contact with the resource family.

(A) Before each monthly contact, the resource specialist prepares by reviewing the previous month's Form 04AF041E, Guide for Monthly Resource Home Contact.

(B) Monthly verbal contact is made by phone, unless:

(i) an in-home visit is required as part of an overfill support plan;

(ii) an in-home visit is required due to an on-going written plan of compliance; or

(iii) it is time for the quarterly in-home visit.

(C) All monthly contacts are documented on Form 04AF041E, and scanned into the KIDS Resource File Cabinet. A summary is documented as monthly contact in KIDS Resource Contacts; and

(3) is required to have one contact each quarter in the resource home.

(b) Annual update and reassessment. Refer to Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:75-7-94 for annual update and reassessment protocol.

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