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Library: Policy

340:75-13-61. Medical services to children in placement

Revised 9-15-20

Children in Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS)custody and out-of-home placements have fee-for-service medical cases.The Oklahoma Health Care Authority pays for each medical service provided at the Medicaid allowable rate.The child welfare specialist:

(1) ensures medical services are provided, per Oklahoma Administrative Code 340:75-14-3;

(2) informs the placement provider of medical service providers who are eligible for payment through medical resources;

(3) applies for Medicaid for a child within five-business days of the child's removal from the homeby entering the child's removal information into the Child Abuse and Neglect Information System (KIDS) Removal screen.

(A) When the child's removal information is entered into the KIDS Removal screen, a KIDS assignment is generated to the custody specialist.

(B) The KIDS assignment to the custody specialist is considered the referral for:

(i) Title XIX medical benefits; and

(ii) Title IV-E eligibility determination; and

(4) notifies the placement provider of the child's medical number and person code upon receipt to facilitate medical services and payment.

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