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340:75-13-83. Child Welfare Targeted Case Management

Issued 5-12-03

     Oklahoma's Medicaid State Plan was amended August 1, 1997 to include Targeted Case Management (TCM).  Under the plan, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) is designated as a TCM provider for children under the age of 18 who are in the voluntary, emergency, temporary, or permanent custody of OKDHS and who are in out-of-home care or trial adoption.  Specific TCM services are those that assist these children to access needed medical, educational, social, and other services.  The Child Welfare (CW) worker:

  • (1) selects TCM services when completing the child's placement plan;  [OAC 340:75 6-40.1]
  • (2) provides TCM services during contacts with the child or with other persons on behalf of the child; and  [OAC 340:75-6-48]
  • (3) documents TCM services on the KIDS Contacts screen.  [OAC 340:75-6-40.6]
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